South Indian Sirens on Alter

Where north Indian brides usually like to play the volume card in their large lehengas, south Indian birdes cut a slender figure in their neatly draped saares. Glowing head-to-toe in their gilded glory and flowers in their hair, they usually like to go all out when it comes to taking the traditional route.

.The attire usually involves an intricately woven kanjivaram silk sari and temple jewelry.  A gold belt or cumbarband is worn around the waist and hair is pinned up and adorned with flowers. Another typical feature to the bridal look is a long braid that twists down the bride’s back. Don’t worry if you’ve got short hair, your hair stylist will have it covered with a thick braid.

Tamil Bride: A vision to behold in gorgeous kanjivarams, she usually wears bright colous, especially red, complimented by traditional temple jewellery. The braided hair holds an intricate piece of jewellery called the Jadai Nagam, which keeps the hair in place and is a symbol of wealth, sexuality and fertility. She also wears a nethi and an Oddiyanam that keeps her pallu and pleats in place.

Malyalee Bride: This bride typically wears a lot of gold. There are necklaces of varying lengths, with the shortest being a chocker necklace around her neck and the longest reaching till her waist. The saree is generally off-white and gold but many opt for bright colours as well.

Kannadiga Bride: This bride wears a traditional Navari sari and green glass bangles along with the customary gold jewelry.

Andhra Bride: One of the most choices is a Dharmavaram saree for their traditional wedding because of its style and design. Dharmavaram sarees are famous for their silk and unique border. Ikkat, Pochampally and Mangalgiri sarees are also well known among brides.



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