Go Green This Summer

Green, a winter favourite has now also earned itself the number one spot in summer. Designers have decided to go green, quite literally! Silhouettes in varied hues and gradients of green varying from olive to moss and even deep forest green are a fresh and pleasant summer option.

Go green in Indian and western wear. Sport a short summer dress or a floor swooning anarkali or saree in emerald or teal if you have cool undertones to your skin and in apple or moss green if your skin has warm undertones. Work with an interesting print story for a chic day look and for a night out, bring out the sparkle. If going head-to-toe green is too much to ask from for you, team up your green with anything you find in your wardrobe! That’s the versatility of this hue. Green plays well with hues – bright or dull – across the color spectrum.

You can also wear the look with just accessories. Add a dash of green with your clutch or cross-body bag or a neck-piece or statement earrings.

Take a look at some green looks from the 2016 runway.


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