The perfect colour for your lehenga

The quest of the perfect wedding outfit can be quite overwhelming – from what to wear to where to get it from, how to accessories it and everything else in between. One thing that you mustn’t forget at any point is that you are the star of the day and whatever you choose must enhance your inherent beauty and not the other way round. Picking a colour that flatters your skin tone is a good starting point.

Here is our guide to colours that complement your skin tone.

Fair skin tones

If you have a rather light skin tone, a wrong colour can easily wash it out.  Our recommendation is to stick to jewel tones and darker colours as navy blue, burgundy and deep green. Avoid soft pastels, light beige and anything else too close to your skin tone however they can serve as great complementary hues to your dominant colour of choice. Avoid bright colours such as yellow or orange as well.

Burgundy lehenga by Manish Malotra with frosty blue accents for lighter skin tones
Navy blue complemented by bright colours, a perfect combination for fair skin tones

Medium skin tones

Medium skin tones look best with both light colours and deep, dark or rich ones. So opting from contrasting colours is a good route to take. However avoid wearing colours that might too closely match with your skin tone, such as light brown, mustard yellow or olive green. If you’re on the darker side of medium, you can experiment with brighter, medium-toned colours. Usually bright pinks, reds and its shades work best.

Combination of bright pink and orange complements the model’s medium skin tone
Melon yellow and orange perfectly complement medium skin tones

Deep skin tones

Dark skin tones have most leeway as it’s nearly impossible to wash out your dusky features however with the right colour you can accentuate even further. Warm pastels really work wonders for such skin tones with some accents of bright colours and jewel tones. Avoid deep brown, especially if it’s similar to your skin tone.  Think warm pastels, dusty pinks and the peach family.

Beige lehenga is a choicest option for deeper skintones
Soft pink bringing out the deep shade of the skin

Go ahead and pick your bridal outfit!


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