The Minimal Bride

The mantra of the world of fashion currently is ‘minimalism’ and the new-age Indian bride is only eager to follow this global trend. The Minimal bride trend has ruled the runway this year and has entered the bridal circuits too. A minimal bride doesn’t shy away from lavishness and luxury. She loves to embrace extravagance in a subtle way.

Left : Manav Gangwani @ICW’16 Right : Tarun Tahliani @ICW’16

However, it can be quite a challenge for a bride to get the minimalistic look right. She doesn’t want to be overshadowed by the overdressed guests and at the same time doesn’t want to go over the top with her look. To walk that thin line can be quite a task.

If you want to be a minimal bride and sport a sophisticated and classy look and at the same time do not want to look underdressed or simple, follow these tips.

Wedding dress

The most important part of your bridal look is your wedding dress. A minimalist bride should steer away from the traditional shades of red. You can opt for a sari, lehenga or gown in a range of pastel shades or single dark colours. Muted colours like beige, white and custard with delicate gold embroidery will also look elegant. If you want to go traditional go for shades of red like tangerine, brick red, marsala, etc.

Left : Gaurav Gupta @ICW’16 Right : Tarun Tahliani’ @ICW16

Even a minimal Indian bride requires a little bit of bling to make her look complete. The lehenga or sari should have intricate thread embroidery and embellished with pearls and lightweight stonework.


A quintessential part of an Indian bridal look is jewellery which should accentuate your look. Opt for simple chokers and team them up with medium-length necklaces instead of heavy work jewellery.

Manav Gangwani @ICW’16

Keep it to a minimum like a maang tika or only earrings. You can wear gold or diamond jewellery or pearls or semi-precious stone-studded jewellery depending on the colour of your dress.


To a bride’s overall look makeup can make a world of difference. A minimal bride should draw attention to the eyes or the lips, and not both to strike a balance between opulence and simplicity. Do the lipstick and cheeks in subtle shades if you are particular about smokey eyes. It will add a timeless, sophisticated look. For the Indian skin tone, coral shades are one of the best options. To naturally enhance the look of your eyes opt for hot red, pink or orange.

Left : Manav Gangwani @ICW’16 Right : Manish Malhotra @ICW’16


A bride’s hairdo can make or break any look. The crowning glory can enhance the beauty of a bride. The minimal look allows you to go loud with your hairstyle as  your dress, jewellery and makeup are subtle. Opt for open curls, buns, long plaits or go retro with a puff. Buns add a classy look to the entire appearance. Don’t forget to place accessories in your hairdo to make it stand out. Flowers are a great option for hairdos.

Left : Tarun Tahliani @ICW’16 Right : Rohit Bal @ICW’16

We hope this article helps you to experiment and nail the Minimal Bride look!

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